How To Turn On Facebook Timeline Before Public Release

  • 1. First you must have or create a Facebook App. (


  • 2. Give the app a name and URL but don’t worry about having everything correct. Once we complete this process it will enable the feature for your Facebook account and you can forget about the app all together.
  • 3. Once your App is created, click on the App in the list on the left side of the page and then on the top right side of the page click edit app.


  • 4. Fill out the basic information about your app with whatever information you want, make sure that you enter information in the namespace section. See screenshot below.




[box type=”info”]Tips: You can use any valid URL, just make sure that you don’t put “http://” in the “app domain” section but do put it in the “site URL” section. You must use a unique value for your namespace but it can be anything that someone else has not chosen.[/box] 



  • 5. Once you’re information is filled out and saved without error, click on “Open Graph” in the left column of the page.


  • 6. Enter an action and an object for users to do while using your app (again, this information can be made up) and click “Get Started“.
  • 7. Open a new tab and go back to your Facebook profile.


  • 8. A box will appear asking if you want to get started with Facebook Timeline Beta for Developers. Enjoy!

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