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Epic Coding Sessions with my Music Playlist on Spotify


Today I recommend one of my playlists on spotify, which I created during my sleepless nights on the code. I love this playlist quite varied (but with a lot of trance music). It helps me a lot to find the right concentration, I hope it works with you too!

If you have a suggestion for new songs to add, leave a comment below.

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Rise of Coding: Why We Should All Learn a Little Code

Enthusiasm for learning programming languages is on the rise. And coding is no longer the domain of self-taught savants or formal C.S. students. Students of all ages and disciplines are recognizing the benefits of being more code fluent. Plenty of free, in-browser online tutorials have risen to meet this need. One site, Codecademy, had over 1 million users pledge 2012 as their “code year” and sign up for their free tutorials on Java, HTML and CSS for beginners.

This is a great sign for the future of work in the U.S. Coding familiarity is becoming more of an asset across all industries. You don’t need to know how to reprogram your computer to operate it, but understanding how it works will help you imagine how programs can change to better serve your industry. So, if you’re among those of us who’ve always thought programming was impossibly hard or reserved for the tech-minded, consider learning a little code. There’s never been a better (or more supportive) time to get ahead of the curve. [SOURCE: OnlineCollege]