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New look at the shift in the mobile world while m-Commerce trebled

Zanox, the leading performance advertising network in Europe, presents the current trends and developments in mobile commerce with the latest edition of the “zanox Mobile Performance Barometer 2011”. Based on over 1,000 advertiser programmes in the European core markets of Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Benelux, Scandinavia and Poland, Europe’s leading performance advertising network shows that mobile commerce is already living reality for consumers. In an annual comparison of 4th quarter 2010 to 2011, there was a 313-percent increase in revenues generated via mobile devices across the entire European zanox network. In 2011, for example, more than two million transactions were made via mobile devices throughout the zanox network – the equivalent of one mobile transaction every 15 seconds. During the process, a sales volume of 120 million Euro was generated in 2011.


In 2011, the long-promised tablet-revolution finally took place. As a result, in December 2011, the iPad was behind 50 percent of all revenues generated via the mobile channel. In the zanox performance network, the average revenue per transaction generated via the iPad is 63 percent higher than that for the iPhone and double the amount made by Android devices. The iPad is therefore the No. 1 revenue-generator and the motor for all mobile commerce in Europe.

Viewed over the entire 2011 period, Apple’s iOS operating system (iPad, iPhone, iPod) lost shares, whilst still accounting for three quarters of mobile revenues at the end of the year (Jan 2011: 82 percent, Dec 2011: 75 percent). Android devices almost doubled their share of mobile revenues with an increase from 12 percent (Jan 2011) to 21 percent (Dec 2011).


In a European zanox-comparison, Scandinavia is the leader in mobile commerce, with the largest mobile channel-share of total revenues (3 percent revenue share) and the second-highest growth rate from 4th quarter 2010 to 2011 (693 percent). Only Poland has a higher growth rate, with 722 percent, but, at the same time, registers the lowest mobile channel-share of total revenues (1.2 percent). Germany experienced a mobile revenue-growth rate of 316 percent from 4th quarter 2010 to 2011; here, the mobile share of total revenues stands at 2.4 percent.

  • Spain:
    • YoY growth 2010-2011: 328%
    • mobile-share of total revenues at 2.6%
  • France:
    • YoY growth 2010-2011: 248%
    • mobile-share of total revenues at 1.9%
  • Benelux:
    • YoY growth 2010-2011: 553%
    • mobile-share of total revenues at 2.9%
  • Italy:
    • YoY growth 2010-2011: 400%
    • mobile-share of total revenues at 1.6%



With mobile revenue growth of 362 percent during the period from 2010 to 2011, Retail & Shopping offerings are the driving forces in European mobile commerce. Of the other zanox top-branches, this is then followed by “Financial Services” with 337 percent, “Travel” with 272 percent and “Telco & Services” with 202 percent.



With respect to the adoption of the mobile sales channel, a two-speed Europe is revealed. Only around 10 percent of all advertisers in the zanox network provide their users with a mobile-optimised website and a mere one percent of all zanox advertisers offer a mobile-optimised site and also use zanox mobile tracking. “Mobile Innovator” providers meet all five criteria for success: A mobile landing page, complete mobile site, mobile transaction process, the implementation of zanox tracking for mobile, as well as their own dedicated mobile apps (for Apple and Android).