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Message “No identities are available for signing” when you want to publish an app on App Store

Yesterday, i have finished developing an update for my application “YFC“, and when it came time to send the update to the App Store, Xcode has returned the following error: “No identities are available for signing“.

ERROR No identities are available for signingI thought it was an error related to certificates, but it was not.

On the internet I found several solutions to the problem, but they were too long to do, so I found a loophole faster, so that I could send the update as soon as possible.

The best solution I’ve found is this, proposed by AppDeveloperMagazine.

Basically: export the application for Ad Hoc Deployment, and load it on the App Store via Application Loader. For me the solution worked and saved me a lot of time.

To the next.