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Get More Out Of Google [Infographic]

There is a lot more to efficient Googling than you might think: in arecent study on student research skills, 3 out of 4 students couldn’t perform a ’well-executed search’ on Google. When the success ofyour term paper hangs in the balance, using Google effectively is crucial, but most students surprisingly just don’t know how.

Here are some crucial tips for refining your Goggling, as wall assome other great places to hunt down that last study you needfor your thesis.

Created by: HackCollege

Massimo e Minimo di un array in C

Con le seguenti funzioni, scritte in linguaggio C, è possibile trovare il valore massimo e il valore minimo all’interno di un array di n elementi interi. Con piccolissime modifiche è possibile scrivere la versione che valuta il massimo e il minimo di un array su valori in virgola mobile (float).

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